• Education

    MFA Painting Candidate | Second Year | East Carolina University


    Batchelor of Science | June 2009 | Appalachian State University

    Major: Graphic Arts and Imaging Technology (Concentration in Layout and Printmaking)

    Minor: Art


    Gallery Shows


    Street Cred (Four Artist Show: Risk, Seen, Blek La Rat) - Tinney Contemporary (Nashville)

    The Veil::The Void (Solo Show) - 3rd Ethos (Brooklyn NYC)



    Contemporary Art Show (Group Show) - Rymer Gallery (Nashville)

    Crisis and Excess (Group Show) - Fort Houston (Nashville)

    Nashville Street Artists: Local Walls to Canvas (Group Show) - Rymer Gallery (Nashville)



    Golden Gate Meets Music City (Group Show) - Rymer Gallery (Nashville)

    Cherry Blast 2016 (Group Show) - Art Whino Gallery (DC)

    Destroy and Create (Group Show) - Art Whino Gallery (DC) (In conjunction with “Boundless Brooklyn” Artists painted scale models of half pipes.)

    Art Goes Alternative (Skate Deck Group Art Show) - Rosewall (Nashville)

    615 Streets (Group Show) - Rymer Gallery (Nashville)

    CubaSkate (Group Show) - Art Whino Gallery (DC)



    G40 Art Summit (Group Show) - Art Whino Gallery (DC)

    Cherry Blast (Group Show) - Art Whino Gallery (DC)



    G40 Art Summit (Group Show) - Art Whino Gallery (DC)




    Vuse Alto (Nashville Indy car race) – Winston Salem, NC – Three canvases totaling 8x12’

    Microsoft Headquarters (Assisting artist “1500 Studios”) – Reston, Virginia – Painted one story of interior walls



    Microsoft Headquarters (Assisting artist “1500 Studios”) – Reston Virginia – Painted two stories of interior walls

    VIBE Mural Fest (Assisting artist “Carl Medley”) - Virginia Beach - 15x30’

    Taste (Restaurant, Assisting artist “Igor Acord”) - Virginia Beach - 8x120’



    Printers Alley (Assisting artist “Risk”) - Nashville - 15x200’

    Graffiti Heart (Assisting artist “Risk”) - Cleveland - Facade of the entire building (Three walls) 25x20’, 25x100’, 25x20’

    Virago (Restaurant) - Nashville - Multiple interior walls and accents

    Kayne Prime (Restaurant) - Nashville - Two 4x12’ and one 6x20’

    LabCanna East - 15x60’ - Nashville (Multi artist wall)



    Hutton (Analog Entrance) - 8x100’ - Nashville (A long mural collaboration with Eric “Mobe” Bass adorning a concrete wall up a tunneled staircase to a venue within a hotel) -

    Elliston Parking Garage - 30x120’ - Nashville (The company who owned the garage reached out to Nashville Walls Project wanting to turn the entire garage inside and out into a living street art museum. Around ten artists help transform the entire structure into a piece of art. I was given the main exterior facade.)

    Music City Tents - 20x20’ - Nashville (Music City Tents reached out to Nashville Walls Project wanting their 300’ wall of their warehouse painted. Around 15 artists painted individual murals)



    Google Fiber - 30’x30’ - Nashville (Google commissioned me via Nashville Walls Project to have full creative control on a mural for the “Google Fiber” campaign.)

    Nissan Eclipse - Franklin, Tn. - 90.000 Sq. Ft. (Nissan asked me to “paint” my version of the total solar eclipse of 2017 on the lawn of their North American headquarters.)

    Mansion Street Demigoddess - Nashville - 15x120’ (Collaboration with Nathan Brown in conjunction with Nashville Walls Project)

    Ian Ross Mural (Nashville Walls Project, assisting Artist Ian Ross) - Nashville - 30x120’



    Little Octopus (Interior) - Nashville - 15x40’

    Sprinkles Cupcakes (Interior) - Nashville - 9x22’

    Gibson Guitars (Bankers Alley) - Nashville - 30x15’ 2016 (Nashville Walls Project) -



    Little Octopus - Nashville - 20x60’