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    Extruded paintings hung on the walls are forms that enter the physical space giving my paintings a mass and body. I seek inspiration from the growth and development around me. I surround myself with life; plants and humans alike. I enjoy the interconnective relationship between humans and nature. That love seeps into my work in an abstract form via geometry. Natural geometries have always been a fascination of mine, more specifically its unity and order. My art process is derived from this natural progression of order, informing the formal design. This formal technique of using nature as a guide to design is not dissimilar to the Art Nouveau artists movement, which I also draw inspiration from.


    My work celebrates the richness of colors, reflectivity, patterns, and curvilinear geometry that develops in the world around us. The use of mirrors and translucent acrylic glass allow the viewer to reflect upon themselves and become one with the work as I am with the natural elements that inspire my formal design language.

  • video and music by Brian Siskind / Those Drones